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The Best PS5 SSDs You Can Buy in 2024


With a measly sub-1TB drive on the PlayStation 5 and not much more on the PS5 Slim, you can only house a few storage-hungry PS5 games out of the box. So, if you’ve got a growing gaming library, do yourself a favor and grab one of the best SSDs, like our favorite, the perfectly sized and speedy Corsair MP600 Pro LPX, and then pop off your PS5 faceplate for some stylish flair for the outside of the console.

TL;DR – These are the Best PS5 SSDs

The best PS5 SSDs must be a perfectly sized M.2 SSD to fit in the console’s cramped internal port, have a PCIe 4.0 interface, and deliver at least 5,500 MB/s read speeds. Don’t forget a heatsink, built-in or stand-alone, as it’s essential to prevent damage or bottlenecking performance. From there, you have the freedom to choose just about any drive.

To help you in the hunt, we’ve found seven great SSDs ready to slot seamlessly into your PS5, substantially increasing storage – and click here for selections across the pond in the UK. Who knows? You may even score a killer PS5 SSD deal.

If you’re an Xbox owner, see our roundup of the best external SSDs for Xbox Series X.

The Best PS5 SSDs

1. Corsair MP600 Pro LPX

Best overall PS5 SSD

Corsair MP600 Pro LPX


With blistering read speeds up to 7,100MB/s and a preinstalled heatsink, this SSD is ready to load up data quickly every time.

Capacity: 1TB | Sequential read speed: 7,100MB/s | Sequential write speed: 5,800MB/s | NAND type: 3D TLC | TBW: 700TB


Excellent value for moneyHigh read speed


Not the fastest drive around

You can’t do much better for a PS5 SSD than the Corsair MP600 Pro LPX. It’s not the fastest drive out there, but it’s plenty speedy enough. And with the chunky in-built heatsink, plus a price that often drops well below that of other SSDs of similar speeds, it’s the best PS5 SSD for those who want large and reliable expanded storage.

The 1TB version can hit a read speed of 7,100MB/s and write speeds of 5,800MB/s. For less than a hundred bucks, that’s not too shabby. And if you want to double the storage to 2TB you’ll get a higher 6,800MB/s write speed for under $200. It’s an impressive cost-to-performance ratio, with the pre-installed heatsink making full use of the slim expansion of the PS5.

The five-year warranty isn’t exactly anything special (almost all the SSDs on this list come with a similar guarantee), but it’s just the cherry on top of an SSD that essentially has everything the average PS5 player will need for a very competitive price.

2. Crucial T500

Best budget PS5 SSD

Crucial T500


A 1TB drive that hits high speeds and includes a heatsink for use with the PS5, all for less than you’d expect.

Capacity: 1TB | Sequential read speed: 7,300MB/s | Sequential write speed: 6,800MB/s | NAND type: Micron TLC | TBW: 600TB


Great price Impressive speeds


The Crucial T500 is the successor to the P5 Plus and continues the tradition of being a great all-around SSD. As a bonus, it’s often on sale for a shockingly low price. Our favorite model is the 1TB with the heatsink included. That will more than double your PS5’s storage while the heatsink means you can avoid the hassle of finding one that will fit in the drive on your own.

Even with a budget price tag, the Crucial T500 keeps up with the best of them, offering up to 7,300 read speeds. Your game will be booted and ready to play in no time. The 6,800 MB/s write speeds aren’t too shabby either, letting you save your game progress in a flash. Speeds will be even faster if you bump up the storage to 2TB. The Micron TLC flash memory is a nice step up in performance from QLC NAND, but you’ll still only get the typical 5-year warranty.

3. Kingston Fury Renegade SSD

Best high performance PS5 SSD

Kingston Fury Renegade SSD


Enjoy top sequential read speeds on a drive with a heat spreader or optional heatsink to maintain peak performance.

Capacity: 1TB | Sequential read speed: 7,300MB/s | Sequential write speed: 6,000MB/s | NAND type: 3D TLC | TBW: 1,000TB


Top-of-the-line sequential speedsLow write speeds on 500GB model


If you value speed in a PS5 SSD above all else, look no further than the Kingston Fury Renegade. It’s one of the fastest drives on the market, with the 1TB version rated at a read speed of 7,300MB/s and write speed of 6,000MB/s, while the 2TB option boosts a 7,000MB/s write speed.

Simply put, it is very fast – possibly even too fast for most people. Those high speeds are only going to come in handy when transferring large files to and from your console – like if you’re moving game data or huge video and screenshot collections between drives – and won’t make a hugely noticeable difference in-game.

Still, it’s impressive, and if you’re tempted don’t be won over by the cheaper non-heatsink model. The absence of thermal distribution will limit the read and write speeds the SSD can sustain. If you’re going to reach for the moon, you may as well as splash the cash to get there.

4. Seagate FireCuda 530

Best alternative PS5 SSD for high performance

Seagate FireCuda 530


Speedy drive with a sizable heatsink ready to deliver top-tier performance installed in your PS5 or PC.

Capacity: 1TB | Sequential read speed: 7,300MB/s | Sequential write speed: 6,000MB/s | NAND type: 3D TLC | TBW: 1,275TB


Very fast read and write speedsChunky heatsink


The Seagate FireCuda 530 is another of the fastest PS5 SSDs you can get right now. Its 1TB model matches the read and write speeds of the Kingston above, while its 2TB version is rated at reading 7,300 MB/s and writing a slightly lower 6,900 MB/s. In practice, that’s a rather negligible difference, especially in gaming.

When you’re looking to buy, check which of the two drives is cheaper at that moment or if one might be about to go on sale. Then pick whichever is cheaper. And as ever, we’d recommend the version that comes with a heatsink built in. If you’re paying this kind of money for a storage drive, you’ll want as much thermal protection as you can get.

5. WD_Black SN850P

Best high-capacity PS5 SSD

WD_Black SN850P


SSD officially licensed by PlayStation, coming in a massive 4TB capacity while delivering top-tier speeds and a preinstalled heatsink.

Capacity: 1TB | Sequential read speed: 7,300MB/s | Sequential write speed: 6,300MB/s | NAND type: 3D TLC | TBW: 600TB


Great value at higher capacitiesOfficially licensed


Pricey at lower capacities

Essentially a slightly spruced-up version of the WD_Black SN850X with a PlayStation logo slapped on the front, there isn’t much the WD_Black SN850P can do that its slightly cheaper cousin can’t. Its one saving grace is its size. Alongside the regular 1TB and 2TB models comes a mammoth 4TB option.

It’s the kind of storage drive you can buy knowing you’re unlikely to ever fill it up – or at least, you won’t need to clear it out for a couple of years. There are several 4TB options out there, but the WD_Black SN850P works so well because of its 7,300MB/s read speed, its price and its ready-installed heatsink, which many drives at this storage size skimp on.

Coming in at $549.99, it’s the best option for those who want a lot of storage to play with, though it’s very much a luxury. You could buy a second PS5 with the money you’ll spend on buying one of these SSDs, but that’s the price you pay for peace of mind..

6. WD_Black P50

Best external PS5 SSD

WD_Black P50


1TB of storage with blistering 2,000MB/s read speeds on a slim and sturdy external drive.

Capacity: 1TB | Sequential read speed: 2,000MB/s | Sequential write speed: 2,000MB/s | NAND type: WD TLC | TBW: 600TB


Ergonomic designNicely portable


Thought it’s techinically not a tradtional hard drive, connecting an external SSD to your PS5 over USB is an easy way of bumping the console’s storage capacity without using a screwdriver. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to run PS5 games that are installed on an external SSD, their file data can be stored quite happily, saving you the hassle of having to redownload hundreds of gigabytes of data when you fancy dipping your toe back in. It’s also handy if you play lots of older games, as PS4 titles can be played directly from the USB drive, saving space on your internal drive

There’s a lot of USB SSD drives out there, and the WD_Black P50 is the best of them. Its 2,000MB/s read speed is top of the line, but it really stands out for its design. Slim and sturdy and built of aluminum, it’s nicely flat, so can be snugly tucked away behind the TV.

7. PNY XLR8 Gaming Kit

Best PS5 SSD with standalone heatsink

PNY XLR8 SSD 4TB Gaming Kit


Enjoy respectable 7,500 MB/s read speed and 5,650 MB/s write speed along with a bespoke heatsink mounted to the underside of a plastic shield.

Capacity: 1TB | Sequential read speed: 7,500MB/s | Sequential write speed: 5,650MB/s | NAND type: Micron TLC | TBW: 700TB


Effective multi-part heatsinkCompetitive speeds


The PNY XLR8 gaming kit is more peculiar than other PS5 SSDs. Included is the PNY XLR8 SSD, which boasts a respectable 7,500 MB/s read speed and 5,650 MB/s write speed. But the real draw is the bespoke heatsink mounted to the underside of a plastic shield that replaces the PS5’s original SSD slot cover.

It’s one of the more compact heatsink designs and has been created to maximize cooling. Manufacturer PNY claims it can improve airflow by up to 40 percent, which is especially useful if you’ve parked your PS5 in a tight spot with little airflow and need to be doubly sure your SSD is keeping cool. Plus, with what is essentially a detachable heatsink, the SSD can double as a back-up or future storage device for your gaming PC. A two-in-one deal.

How We Picked the Best PS5 SSDs

You want a fast SSD but don’t want to pay through the nose. Speed and value-for-money are our main considerations when it comes to picking out a PS5 SSD. Many players won’t need the absolute fastest drive available, and can better spend their money on an SSD that performs brilliantly but is slightly cheaper.

Of course, we’ve also made sure every pick on this list is compatible with the PS5: they have the correct interface, form factor, adequate dimensions to fit inside the console’s slim external storage slot, and a read speed of at least 5,500MB/s. Although not strictly recommended by Sony, we’ve also focused on 1TB and 2TB drives, as these sizes usually offer the best return on your money and enough storage space for the typical player.

How to Choose the Best PS5 SSD

A healthy amount of SSDs are available that pair perfectly with the PS5’s M.2 slot. Given there’s more competition than even just a couple of years ago, you’ll find plenty of high-speed, low-cost drives for a sub-$100 price tag. If you’re looking to amp up storage, you’ll find the price of these drives rises exponentially; 8TB drives will run you well over $500. And Sony doesn’t guarantee compatibility with any SSD, so adhere to all the specifications requirements.

You’ll want to ensure you install an NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD with maximum dimensions of 110 x 25 x 11.25 mm or 4.33 x 0.984 x 0.442 inches, including the heatsink. Clearly, the PS5 has some cramped, shallow quarters, leading to high temps, rendering a heatsink absolutely necessary to prevent bottlenecking or damage to the drive. Luckily, most drives come with an optional heatsink, but if you need to venture out on your own to grab one, be sure it fits height requirements of under 8mm above the SSD or 2.45mm below.

Beyond size requirements, the SSD must offer sequential read speeds of 5500MB/s or faster. You’ll usually want something above that to ensure quick loads and optimal run speeds. Quick write speeds are a nice bonus to consider for faster saves.

Given the PS5 only offers 825GB of space and the PS5 Slim has 1TB, you’ll more than likely want and/or need more storage. Games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Baldur’s Gate 3 take up well over 100GB each when installed, so you’re storage will fill up quickly. The M.2 expansion slot lets you add 250GB-8TB of speedy internal storage. If you’re looking to put your massive gaming library on the device, you’ll want a larger capacity. Maybe even an 8TB drive that the PS5 recently started supporting. Otherwise, 1TB seems to be the sweet spot between capacity and price.

Beyond an internal SSD, which should be your preferred storage option, you can use an external hard drive. Some external SSD offerings hit relatively high speeds. You can’t run PS5 games on them. However, it will save you the hassle of redownloading larger games, while PS4 titles can be played right on the drive.

Looking for assistance in installing your PS5 SSD after puchase? Be sure to check out our guide on how to upgrade your PS5 storage. Luckily, you don’t need to be hardware aficionado to figure it out.


Is a SSD worth it for PS5?

A good chunk of the PS5’s internal 825GB SSD is taken up by system files, leaving you with a little over 650GB of usable storage space. The PS5 Slim adds a bit more storage, and we’re hopeful the PS5 Pro, rumored to be released at the end of 2024, amps up the storage even more. If you dedicate yourself to only a few games at a time those smaller storage amounts should probably be enough. But if you like having several games on the go, or are a fiend for live service games that tend to balloon in size as more updates and content packs are added, you’ll soon find yourself hitting the limits of the PS5’s storage. At that point, get yourself an SSD. It’s one of the best PS5 accessories you can invest in.

Is the SN850X good for PS5?

It sure is. The WD_SN850X is one of the more popular picks, thanks to its high read and write speeds, as well as the fact its predecessor, the WD_SN850, launched early in the PS5’s lifespan. It’s comparable to the Corsair MP600 Pro LPX, although that drive often drops to a lower price.

What speed SSD should I get for PS5?

You’ll need an SSD that’s rated with a read speed of at least 5,500MB/s. In practice, it’s difficult not to find a PCIE 4.0 drive that ticks that box. The higher the speed the better, but unless you’re looking to regularly transfer lots of files back and forth from your drive, anything 6,500MB/s or above should do you absolutely fine.

When is the best time to buy a PS5 SSD?

PS5 SSDs are a surprisingly expensive add on to any PS5 console purchase. Prices have dropped pretty signicantly over the years, but if you’re hoping to save as much money as possible, there are a few different times that are best for buying an SSD. The first big one is Amazon Prime Day, which usually takes place in July every year. After that, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are an excellent time to find big discounts on PS5 SSDs online.

Best PS5 SSD for the UK

Best PS5 SSD

Corsair MP600 Pro LPX


Best Budget PS5 SSD

Crucial P5 Plus 1TB M.2


Best Runner-Up PS5 SSD



Best PS5 SSD with Heatsink

Samsung 980 PRO 1TB


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